VDO Consulting used to receive a Level 1 scorecard, but under the new requirements will only achieve a maximum of Level 6.

It was decided to found a new company, VDO Architects (Pty) Ltd, with a 31% black female ownership. Over time this company will grow into the VDO Group of Companies.

As this company is an upcoming company in their first year of existence with an annual turnover of less than R10m, a full rating will be done and we are advised that a Level 2 will be achieved. Level 2 is therefore our benchmark. We are currently on Level 4 certification.

Development of graduates
It is the policy of VDO to at least have one full time architectural student as part of our development plan for graduates. We are currently in our third cycle and will commence during 2018 with the fourth cycle. VDO also offer these students practical experience by employing them during their University holidays. Candidates are selected in close collaboration with the University of Pretoria.

Approach to BB-BEE
Since 2013, VDO engaged with two staff members and founded a security services company named Bleskop Security. Our aim is to provide full financial and management back-up to trusted colleagues to establish a fully black owned security company. This company is successful and currently employs 25 people. Hopefully this company will develop into a medium size enterprise in the next five years.

VDO also engaged with other black owned Architectural practices in joint ventures. The transfer of skills, knowledge and self assistance is important for these companies rather than taking them over. Over years our success rate with these ventures is applaudable.

Current practices and existing structures for ED & SD target
Our aim is to increase our procurement from entities with valid BEE scorecards. Currently our figure is on 80%. Again, to achieve a level 2 scorecard, this section of the requirements has to be met.